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Interactive Visualization

We develop a variety of interactive and engaging visualization platform. Your content is used in a spatial metaphor, where some aspect of the information is represented in three dimensions that humans can explore at their will. We can empower the virtual content with information overlay and engaging interaction. Our solution can run over a simple web browser, embedded iframe or can be deployed as stand alone solution for larger multi-touch displays.


What is Interactive Visualization?

Interactive visualization is a tool developed to illustrate your ideas, your results, your researches, your analysis through an interactive picture or an animation. In the example above you can manipulate the heart, click on different elements, etc. It helps the user to visualize a concept and understand easier your message. It’s more engaging and make a great impression as well.

To give you a better idea of the possibilities, here are a few more creation from other individuals that demonstrate the power of this tool:

U.S. Wind Map (retrieved from

Bus Bunching Explanation (retrieved from

You are not forced to create or imagine visuals as smooth and creative as these ones. You can also create interactive visualization apps based on statistical graphs. This is very common and can be useful to implement it into a dashboard to help you in your activity. It can display an enhanced version of graphs that will evolve over time when data is modified.
Basically, you need to understand that Interactive Visualization has no limit, and neither do we!
As soon as you explain us your project, we are ready to put all the needed resources to complete it and and serve you a rendering worthy of what you had imagined.
If you already have a project you would like to share with us or any other question, please feel free to contact us below!