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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things consists essentially of the programming, deployment and management of hundreds of interconnected machines. And as you can imagine, it can become a very complex task taking in account a lot of factors such as hardware selection, security, coverage, device maintenance, technology evolution, energy, etc.
The goal of this is basically to collect data. However, everybody knows that in today’s world every business is collecting a lot of data all the time. But the impact of this data will be almost inexistent without infrastructure put in place to make a real-time analysis of it. Therefore, IoT is mandatory for this reason.
A physical store collecting online Big Data through its website users to forecast its customers lives in the dream. To stay on earth and work with reliable data, this store needs to implement IoT and track who is coming to its store exactly. Based on these facts, it will be much easier for decision makers and strategy to implement their vision.

IoT Design

You can involve Pixium Digital since the very first steps of your IoT projects. We can help you to design your IoT initiative. This means going through the analysis of your business case to find the right solution for you issue. It also means we will provide you the hardware selection and ensure connectivity. Finally, we will design the whole network of your IoT project according to your requirements and your idea.

Platform Development

We have years of expertise in Internet of Things development and are going to provide you a fully customized solution. It is very important to keep a competitive advantage that your IoT solution is unique and can’t be easily reproduced by your competitors. Development is our main activity as we’re also developing many other digital solution and that is why you can fully trust our competencies on this. Even if you think your project will be tough to implement or to design, keep in mind our team is always looking for new challenges and we will be very happy to worry about a solution for you.


IoT deployments is of course in our competencies. After design and developing your solution, we will deploy the actual structure of the IoT project according to its functionalities and to what have been planned with you at the beginning. This deployment includes the feasibility testing, the initial configuration, kitting and implementation support.

Operating / Maintenance

Ultimately, we also provide you managed services and operational analytics. A time after the deployment, this will help you to optimize correctly your solution in terms of cost but also of technology (in case of a drastic evolution or environmental modification). We will also help you to forget about security concerns and maintaining your data safe. Ongoing device management could be also an important feature we can support for you. For more information about maintenance contracts in terms of IoT, please contact us below.

Use IoT

The competitive advantage given by IoT used in your company or in your project is the enabling of the possibility to make decision based on facts, all the time. IoT allows you to collect data from the physical world you will use to make better decisions or draw conclusions from further analysis.
In the end, the idea of Internet of Things isn’t just about enabling savings or ease daily tasks, here we are literally “making things intelligent”. This phenomenon will give you the best proactivity compared to your competitors as well as the biggest opportunity over the next few years.
As an example of this, you can look at the effect of IoT in the manufacturing sector. Indeed, factories and plants that are connected to the Internet have become more efficient, productive and smarter than their non-connected competition. All the new technology (software and hardware) has also a huge impact in the process and the evolution of these companies. And IoT technology will continue to evolve after your implementation. That is another complexity needed to be considered to not lose the competitive advantage.

Trust Us

If everything looks complicated, you don’t have to worry: Pixium Digital makes it all easy for you. We manage the entanglements of IoT to offer you solid solutions for your project. Given our expertise in development, we are also used and open to work with IoT companies or start-up who need us to develop their own IoT solutions or services.

Since Internet of Things is all about gathering data and capitalizing from it, it’s important to work with a development team that has years of experience and are very aware of this concept. We will work with you through all the steps of the project in order to stay well organized and keep a logic and coherence to the big picture. This way you will be able to always get the data you need to work with.