Use Case – Aqua+ Series

Use Case Aqua+ Series

Aqua+ Series is a cosmetic brand offering products for skin-care purposes. Pixium Digital developed the website they are using today: a responsive E-Commerce website.

Visit their website:


Create a very responsive E-Commerce website that suits to a health product.



The homepage is very pure (to correspond to the nature of their products) and simple. There are a menu, a slideshow and featured products. It is possible to click on every product to either add them to the cart or view their product description page. Every product has its own page with a description, related products, reviews…

To view products we also created an item list, sortable by products and/or different filters. The item list is displayed responsively alike the rest of the website.

When an item is added to the cart, the icon of this one is ticked for every new item. The cart is viewable dynamically on the right of the window when its icon is clicked or you have the possibility to view its own page with the checkout option.

Finally, the last important feature of the website is an account system: clients can register to Aqua+ Series and view their profiles, orders, payments and details.