Use Case – Boldly

Boldly is a web application that aims to facilitate the workflow and session exchanges between professional coaches and its users. Pixium developed this web app, including a lot of different features.

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This project was very complex because that platform required the implementation of a lot of different features. Our mission was to allow Boldly to be able to provide a hyper-personalized career building experience, blending fundamental principles through a learning flow, activities & coaching circles.



To complete this mission, Pixium Digital had to implement a lot of modern tools and very original features. Some are key features at the core of the platform and some are useful tools that will help users in their journey.

The first feature that articulates the whole application is the user management system. On, users are categorized into different types. People who can sign up on the web application are either “Citizen” (people who desire to be helped) or “Coach” (people who are able to help others). There is also a role called “HR” which can be associated on demand to a company’s Human Resources department if they want to manage their employees on the app.
All these people are then able to join “coaching Circles” in order to work together (usually 5 pax with 1 or 2 coaches). To work efficiently, Pixium Digital implemented a textual chatting system where citizens can interact with coaches.
To complete this chat, we integrated a custom video conversational service (basically a Skype inside the app) to allow coaching circles to meet, even when users are located in different areas of the world.

The main tab on the website is called the “learning flow”. It is the users’ dashboard where they can access a summary of every other information on the website, chronologically. It can be compared to Twitter or Facebook timelines. The page hosts an important feature: the notification system. Whenever a new content is added, a new message received or else, the system displays a tick and a bell on the FLOW page to quickly access these notifications.

As Boldly is an application to coach people, another important functionality is the “Activities” tab. Activities are questionnaires to fill and can take multiple forms such as check-boxes, star rating, choice ranking, text-boxes, sliders, etc; designed to help citizens to understand themselves better.
There is also an interactive experience to live called “Pocket coach” which works based on goal setting. It is basically a Chatbot in a coach suit. Citizens can have a textual conversation with the Pocket Coach and can receives tips to feel better and achieve goals they set themselves.

The platform also has a mailing list and a media distribution system. The mailing list is a tool to help coaches or HR to send a lot of emails in one time and to forecast the sending of these emails.
The media distribution system is provided thanks to Machine Learning: videos, pictures, TedX shows or any other type of content are being sent to users when they are related to their needs in terms of coaching. Machine Learning is here to determine whether a content is adapted to a citizen or not. The media distribution system is also commanded by a “Scheduler”.

The scheduler is a feature implemented by Pixium Digital which determines when events are supposed to be triggered. For example, if a user has not connected to the platform for 5 days, the scheduler can decide to send an email to this person to encourage him to come back. The scheduler can also decide to send a specific media to a specific citizen who might need it at this specific moment.

To determine the importance of medias, we integrated analytic tools. They are measuring users’ activity and behavior towards medias: are they watching the videos? entirely? did they like the content? did they share the videos?… This data is used by the Machine Learning to improve the videos sent to citizens and by admins to create figures.

To close the loop on these features, since the platform is not free to use, Pixium Digital had to implement a payment system for citizens to pay membership. As Boldly is the interface helping coaches and citizens to communicate and work, there is on the other way a payout feature for the coach’s paycheck.

Finally, an API has been set up for Boldly, allowing alternative uses of these features and the implementation of the Boldly mobile application.

Watch the official tour of the website to have a better understanding of how to use Boldly web application: