Augmented Reality

Pixium Digital is home to one of the best Augmented Reality development teams in Singapore. We believe that this technology holds a huge potential in the years to come. Indeed, AR is one of the most unique use cases of mobile technology. And, at Pixium Digital, we believe that there should not be any limitations to this burgeoning technology. If your aim is to create a new device using AR, you can count on us to explore tomorrow’s world with you and face the unknown challenges ahead together.
After gaining popularity in the fantasy industry, augmented reality has quickly become the centre of attention in the mobile revolution. Interestingly, this technology is not very new since it appeared way before Pokemon Go: during the 90s in the US. As early adopters, Pixium Digital has been able to gather extensive experience in this field. With our competence and years of training in this domain, we are certainly ready for any challenging and crazy projects out there!

A technology with many varied possibilities

In the last few years, apps that use AR have gained an enormous following. Although the technology is still in its early days, many companies, both in Singapore and internationally, have utilized it to develop innovative applications that challenge, engage, and delight. Our developers can build a fast loading, user-friendly app which can be used on multiple devices. Broadly speaking, there are three major kinds of apps our developers use this technology for.

  • Geolocation: You could create an application to help people navigate in a shopping mall. You could also create an app to help them see through their camera crowd flows to avoid congested areas. Perhaps you could even present them with promotions to photograph, hidden in the mall’s AR world. All these ideas fall under a similar umbrella of Augmented Reality: locating people. If this geolocation function is what you have in mind, please contact us below.
  • Engineering: You might have heard about Google’s or Apple’s measuring applications that use your camera to determine the size of a table? This is AR at work in its most basic form. Engineering has a huge potential to benefit from Augmented Reality. We are able to develop applications that visualize water flows through your camera, applications that show how walls or furniture fit into a house without actually constructing them, or an app that can digitally rebuild a broken bridge and provide contractors a clearer picture. If you have a project that hopes to enjoy such possibilities, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to contact us below.

These are only two concrete examples of the possibilities offered by Augmented Reality but there are no boundaries to the applications of this technology. Its roots are literally coming from every possible way to improve the reality in a digital form. And the way for us to explore these possibilities is through our clients. If you have a project, an idea, even the beginning of an idea, please contact us. We will put on our thinking hats and present you a quote. Simply click on the contact button below.

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