Interactive Display

We can develop a variety of Interactive Display technologies to mesmerize your target audience by incorporating multiple technologies from our gesture based interactivity to the classic multi-touch interactive technology. Our experience lies in providing systems on walls, tables, white boards or digital floor, ultimately converting open and idle spaces into engaging and fun-filled environments. Let us help you define, design and deploy a fully interactive experience that will help you engage your audience.
Our premium forms of interactive display are affordable to business of all sizes. We have experience working with both startups as well as larger corporations. Our solutions enable simple, effective touch interactions and serve a variety of industries. From shopping center directories and kids’ games to manipulable 3D maps and ordering panels, these displays are used to add interactivity to any situation.
The most common request from our clients is the development and design of their interactive screen. If your business has a similar requirement, take the plunge and talk to us at Pixium Digital because our team is armed with the know-how in the development of interactive screens. You might be aware that touch screens are a subcategory of interactive screens and there are multiple technologies applicable to both interactive wall or digital signage. The list below contains the most sought-after technologies by our clients. Feel free to get more details by contacting us below.

The Possibilities

Multi Users

Speech Recognition

Body Tracking

Gestures Recognition

Full HD Display

Interactive Content

Interactive Display Devices

Here is a list of interactive display solutions Pixium Digital works with. Do imagine all the potential features that may apply to your project. If you have something in mind that is not on the list, please discuss your needs with us by using the contact button below. We are always open to new challenges and ever excited to work on new opportunities!

  • Touch Screen: touch screens are the most common product on the market. It can take multiple forms such as screens available in some shopping centers, ordering screens at your favorite fast-food joint, touch screens in museums (for information or directions) just to name a few. There are many possible applications for this product and it is the easiest one to integrate in any environment: a screen on a base plate.
  • Smart Board: a smart board is a screen that will replace your whiteboard (in your school, your office, etc). It can give you key information on your company and is controllable with a digital pen.
  • Interactive Screen: the difference between the interactive screen and the touch screen is that the interactive screen does not necessarly need to be touched to create interactivity. Simply using a camera, we are able to provide you with gesture recognition. We also have interactive tables which recognize objects placed on it or screens with speech recognition. If you would like to learn more about it, feel free to send us a message at or by clicking on the button below.
  • Interactive Wall: an interactive wall could be placed on the sides of your store for instance and provide personalized information to your customers on your products. Once again, the possibilities are limitless!
  • Digital Signage: digital signage is not technically an interactive display but since it belongs to the same field and is similar in many ways, it is certainly a solution that we can help you with. For a quote on your project, please click on the button below.

Customer Experience

To help you define the way you would like to engage your consumer, please contact us below to discuss your project.
We are always open to new challenges and ever eager to share your passion to grow your business.
To give you a better idea, here is a summarised list of products in our portfolio:

  • Interactive playground for kids
  • Information display
  • Employee rating
  • Collaborative tool
  • Presentation board
  • Advertisement support