Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things consists essentially of the programming, deployment and management of hundreds of interconnected machines. And as you can imagine, it can become a very complex task taking into account many factors such as hardware selection, security, coverage, device maintenance, technology evolution, energy, etc.

The goal of this is basically to collect data. However, everybody knows that in today’s world, every business is collecting a great deal of data all the time. But the impact of this data will be almost nonexistent without infrastructure put in place to make a real-time analysis of it. Therefore, IoT is mandatory for this reason.

A physical store collecting online Big Data through its website users, hoping to forecast its customers’ habits, is wishful thinking. A practical, more fruitful and reliable way to work with data is to implement IoT and track the customers’ movements to the store in an accurate manner. Based on the findings, it will be much easier for any business to make sound decisions and formulate strategy for the future.

IoT Design

You can include Pixium Digital from the very beginning of your IoT projects. We can help you design your IoT initiative. This means going through the analysis of your business plans to find the best solution. You can also depend on us to provide you with the hardware selection to ensure connectivity. Last but not least, based on your unique requirements, we will design the entire network of your IoT project.

Platform Development

With our years of expertise in the development of the Internet of Things, we are confident in providing you with a fully customized solution. To stay ahead in the business, it is very important that your IoT solution is unique and cannot be easily reproduced by your competitors. As Development is our core activity, creating digital solutions is a day-to-day activity that we engage in. As such, you can trust our competencies on this wholeheartedly. As tough a project you might think you have, leave it to us to deal with the complex tasks of design and implementation. Our team will be more than happy to take on the challenge!


IoT deployments is undoubtedly one of our many competencies. After designing and developing your solution, we will deploy the actual structure of the IoT project according to its functionalities established right from the start with you. This deployment includes the feasibility testing, the initial configuration, kitting and implementation support.

Operating / Maintenance

Finally, we follow through our solutions with managed services and operational analytics. This is a time after the deployment where we help you optimize your solution correctly in terms of cost and technologies used. This is in the case of a drastic evolution or an environmental modification. We will also take care of your security concerns, ultimately keeping your data safe. All other ongoing device management might also be an important feature that we can be entrusted with. For more information about maintenance contracts in the field of IoT, please contact us below.

Use IoT

Gain a competitive advantage whether in business or projects as the IoT presents you the possibility of making decision based on facts, every single time. IoT allows you to collect data from the physical world for you to make better decisions or to draw conclusions from in-depth analysis.
Ultimately, the idea of the Internet of Things is not just about enabling savings or easing daily tasks. We are literally making things intelligent. This phenomenon will give you the best proactivity compared to your competitors as well as the biggest opportunity over the next few years.
As a case in point, simply look at the effect of IoT in the manufacturing sector. Factories and plants that are connected to the Internet have become more efficient, productive and smarter than their non-connected competitors. All the new technology (software and hardware) also makes a huge impact on the process and the evolution of these companies. After all in said and done, we are aware that IoT technology will continue to evolve after your implementation, which is another complexity that needs to be considered to stay ahead of the competition.

Trust Us

Things might look a little complicated, but have no fear. We, at Pixium Digital, will make it a smooth and painless process. We will manage the complexities of IoT to offer you solid solutions for your projects. Given our expertise in development, we have experience working with other IoT companies and startups who have approached us for help in developing their own IoT solutions and services.

The Internet of Things is essentially all about gathering data and capitalizing from it. As such, it is important to work with a development team that has adequate experience and is fully knowledgable of this concept. We will work with you through all stages of your project ensuring an organised workflow and maintain a logical and coherent flow of ideas while always focusing on the big picture. In this manner, you will always be able to obtain the data you need to work with.