Use Case – Boldly

Boldly facilitates the workflow and session exchanges between professional coaches and its users. Pixium developed the web application along with the integration of various third parties services such as Real time Chat, WebRTC, Online Payment, Machine Learning for smart content recommendation, … 

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What is Boldly?

BOLDLY is an application that provides a hyper-personalized career building experience by blending six fundamental principles through a Learning Flow, Activities & Coaching Circles.

There are six important features:

    • Sensing: Combine targeted activities, personalized reflection materials and psychometric assessment (coming soon) to help shape and build users’ unique profile.
    • Goal Setting: Guides users through the process of exploring options and setting targets for their future career and professional development.
    • Skill Building: Using the latest in machine learning, allows users to collect resources and access tools that enable progress against personal goals, translating to on-the-job performance and enhanced personal & career development.
    • Social: Helps users gather feedback and input to understand themselves from the outside-in, & maintain momentum with the help of their peers.
    • Coaching: Gives users access to qualified Coaches who ask questions that prompt reflection, and with their input, helps users develop an accelerated plan to achieve their career goals, developing their hard and soft skills along the way.
    • Tracking: Compiles users’ milestones, goals and achievements into one view, allowing them to track their progress and get a better understanding of how careers work.


You can watch the official tour of the website to have a better understanding of how to use Boldly web application: