Use Case – Dynapack Asia

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What is Dynapack Asia?

Dynapack Asia is a provider of rigid packaging and plastics catering to the South East Asia & China Market. They create packaging for common everyday products and are the leading rigid plastics & packaging company in the region.

With over 60 years of service in the plastics and packaging business, they have created a sustainable business model with long term customer relationships, diverse end market and product mix that’s backed by a strong and experienced management team.

The company was founded under the name PT National Electic Wire Ltd in 1959. It is best known as their next name: PT Dynaplast later reformed as Dynapack Asia Pte. Ltd. They then became a subsidiary of Geminder Holdings Pty Ltd. in 2011 and are currently based in Indonesia.

Dynapack Asia is a well-established company in Asia, currently employing over 6,500 people across 37 manufacturing plants operating in 6 countries: China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.