Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Developers in Singapore

Pixium Digital is a development company specialized in virtual reality applications in Singapore.
Our VR team can develop your applications to be used on every support possible (Android/iOS, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, etc). Our developers have been working on developing many kinds of Virtual Reality applications as well as other technologies. Indeed, this team is also working on Augmented Reality and Internet of Things which means they are very well prepared to meet the rising demand for VR applications. Plus, we are always ready for some challenge: so, if you think your idea or your project is getting off the beaten track, let us know about it and we will create the right solution for you!


Why should you consider Virtual Reality?

If you’re still hesitant about creating a Virtual Reality app, remember that these solutions can create truly immersive experiences. Such an experience can help your target to remember much better an ad, a product or your brand. We live in a society where users are more and more looking for experiences rather than just a product and many brands are looking for different ways to make their consumers live something through their brand. Virtual Reality is one of them and its appealing is rising day by day.
Unlike what our competitors think, we’re not anymore in the very early stages of this technology. We are right in its skyrocketing. It’s the best time to board the plane before it becomes mainstream as it’s generally advantageous to be an early bird. How fast this technology will evolve is positively correlated with how fast more people are going to afford headsets. This makes it impossible to say if we are currently at the beginning of something huge or not. However, the appealing for this technology is rising as its applications in Gaming are becoming more usual.


Virtual Reality Branded Cardboard

Get your own VR headset branded cardboard

We can design and create your own branded cardboard for marketing, presentation or booth events. This is a cost-effective and simple way of using the VR you or we developed. Feel free to contact us below for a quote!