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Erlang / Elixir Development

Elixir is a high-performing functional programming language built on top of the Erlang VM.

Pixium Digital has been building websites, web & mobile apps using Elixir – Phoenix framework technologies for clients all over the world, from small startups to big corporate & listed companies. We have an extensive knowledge and can deliver your next big thing with scalability and stability.

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Elixir web development framework

From Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to full-fledged large scale web applications, the Phoenix MVC framework, built on top of the Elixir programming language, has helped us to build real-time scalable web applications and APIs for the modern web.

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Why Elixir – Phoenix ?


The entire Elixir code is executed inside light process that are isolated and exchange information via messages.

Fault tolerance

Elixir provides supervisors that describe how to restart the parts of your system when something goes wrong, returning to a known initial stat that will work for sure. This ensures that your app / platform will never crash or fail.

Functional programming

Functional programming supports a coding style that helps our Elixir development company write short, fast and clear code.

Compatibility with Erlang

Elixir runs on Erlang VM, providing developers with full access to the Erlang ecosystem.

Assembly tools

Elixir comes with a set of development tools. Mix is one of these tools that makes it easy to create projects, manage tasks, run tests, etc. It also features its own package manager called Hex.

Phoenix Framework / LiveView

Elixir / Phoenix framework updates view in real time, making your application fast and responsive

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