Web App Development

We have developed a significant number of competitive applications in Singapore and the APAC Region. Leveraging on latest development stacks, most reliable technologies, best-of-breed design and highest development standards, our team delivers scalable and responsive web projects of the highest quality.

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mobile app

Mobile App Development

Our team loves taking ideas and turning them into real apps. All of us are passionate, creative, experienced and we know how to build scalable products to fit your business’ needs, regardless of your size or industry. Whether you are a startup, an established company, or a government organization, let’s talk.

Internet of Things (IOT)

We love data and thrive on turning data you may not use into actionable BI and insights through ML. Whether it’s from IOT source or any potential data-stream, our Machine Learning experts can process and interpret your valuable data.

internet of things
big data

Big Data & Machine Learning

We integrate and process your data, structured or unstructured, into a unified platform that gives you access to actionable insights.

Audit & Data Protection

We review and audit your whole platform, providing you with factual date about your system including: Code Audit, Working Methodology review, Data Schema review and Security Scan. We deliver Key-Issues, key Take-aways, Roadmapping and Reporting.

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augmented reality

Augmented Reality

Shape an augmented reality experience for your brand. Engage your consumer and enhance your communication via visual marketing. Increase your sales and brand advocacy thanks to a deeper engagement. Our expertise in augmented reality production can help you build tailor-made worlds to enrapture brand new audiences.

Interactive Display

Imagine the power of a variety of interactive display technologies to mesmerize your target audience. Our gesture-based Interactive and multi-touch Interactive Walls or Tables systems convert open and idle spaces into engaging and fun-filled environments. We can help you define, design and deploy a full interactive experience that will help you engage your consumer in a modern and snazzy manner.

Interactive Display
data viz

Interactive Visualization

In this field, the sky is not even the limit. In interactive 3D visualization-solutions your content is used in a spatial metaphor. An aspect of the information is represented in three dimension (3D) allowing the participants to roam freely and explore at will.

Team Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a great way to add additional remote developers to a team quickly. This can be helpful when you need to ramp up for a new project or if you encounter an unexpected problem that must be fixed promptly. When managing a project with a tight deadline, having an extended team working together with your in-house one can provide the extra resources needed to get the job done.

staff augmentation