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Where animals matter

We use an end to end technology solution to better animals and farmers lives


The right tool for Benchmarking and Performance Evaluations

INDEFI - Sofia Web Application facilitates the whole evaluation, benchmarking and performance rating of funds and/or companies.

Zil Bingo

Blockchain & NFT game based Bingo

ZilBingo is a web3 platform representing each Bingo ticket participating in the Bingo room (Game) as multiple Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the form of Cards. Each Card is unique based to its 24 numbers and order.


Augmented Reality to bring artwork to a new level

L'application ArtAF offre accès aux oeuvre d'art de l'exposition #GBK85, et permet a l'utilisateur de voir les oeuvres d'art à partir de chez eux. La solution offre une nouvelle dimension aux oeuvres de Mr Goh Being Kwan tout en donnant aux amateur d'art a nouvelle perspective et façon d'interagir avec.


Singapore Discovery Centre

Interactive and collaborative Virtual Escape Room

Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC)'s Virtual Escape Room - Final Boarding Call encourages you to stay committed and united to ensure environmental sustainability in order to enhance Singapore’s survivability. It promotes collaboration, communication and planning in order to achieve excellence.

Singapore Discovery Center

Last Man Out

The new fantasy sport game

Last Man Out (LMO) Club provides an opportunity to pit your wits against your friends, foes, family and colleagues.

Last Man Out
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