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We are dedicated to doing our best for you!



Where animals matter

We use an end to end technology solution to better animals and farmers lives

Last Man Out

The new home of simple football predicting

Last Man Out (LMO) Club provides an opportunity to pit your wits against your friends, foes, family and colleagues.


Digital and collaborative experiential learning

Aeqlia combines the engagement of experiential learning and play, the robustness of behavioral science, and the power of technology and data to deliver unique, engaging and impactful learning solutions for learners, teams and organizations. of the whole world


Accelerate your sales cycle with the right introductions

Kaminoo web app enables independent sales representatives to do the right introduction to their network


Engie Ecoboards

ENGIE takes on the challenge of the energy transition through its three businesses: electricity, natural gas and energy services


A fun and innovative social application

Dumpya allows users to voice their opinions and concerns – even strong ones - in a fun social way that differentiates itself from any other App!!

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