Our Work

Cool & Classic

All in one bidding platform for vintage vehicles

An all in one platform for vintage vehicles Cool & Classic is the place for all things automotive, it is simply the best way to buy and sell any Cool & Classic vehicles.


A fun and innovative social application

Dumpya allows users to voice their opinions and concerns – even strong ones - in a fun social way that differentiates itself from any other App!!


Coaching and Mentoring that scales

Map career pathways & development resources to retain & engage your people with coaching & mentoring that really works.


Develop Your Coaching Career

GoMasterCoach app gives you access to tools, programs, generates reports and helps you track your clients' progress. It is totally customisable, too! Coach more people, in less time, with better results.


Digital & Collaborative Experiential Learning

Aeqlia combines the engagement of experiential learning and gaming, robustness of behavior science and power of technology & data to deliver uniquely engaging and impactful learning solutions for learners, teams and organizations around the world.


Where Where animals matter

We use an end to end technology solution to better animal lives so as farmer's