21 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics

In this deck you will find 21 different areas of startup marketing where you can employ growth hacking tactics. Little tricks of automation or hackery that help you squeeze more out of your customer / user acquisition strategy. It’s an extension of a previous deck I created, with a bunch of new content and has been well received at startup events I’ve presented it at.

I enjoy presentations with lots of actionable content so that’s all this is. I dislike presentations that talk about theory or numbers. There is no viral coefficient or excel bullshit here – to me growth hacking is about doing rather than analysing.

On Slideshare: Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics

Growth Hacking is just a good way to describe how marketing is done at a startup. It’s not a magical new technique, it’s just a term to describe tactics that many startup marketers have been using for years. However, two areas where growth hacking differentiates from traditional marketing are:

There is a particular focus on the application of technology. A good technical growth hacker should always be asking “how can this be automated”. A good non-technical growth hacker should always be asking their technical partner “would it be possible to…?”.

There are some areas of growth hacking that larger companies cannot get away with. Some growth hacking tactics flirt with the boundaries of either legality or good citizenship, that are really only employable when you are small, scrappy and easily forgiven.
The deck speaks mostly for itself, but I’ll add some minimal notes between them in this post.

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