Why Pixium Digital is using ReactJS

ReactJS emerged in 2013 as a dynamic, open source framework. It is developed by the social media giant, Facebook. Its popularity amongst developers is commendable in regards to its development just 5 years back. It helps to build even a single page web or mobile applications. Its dynamic JavaScript libraries help in creating a striking user interface for your application.
The fundamental goal with which React was developed was to ease the development process. It wanted to achieve this goal by making it faster and more scalable. React gives you scalability to use other libraries like Redux. Only it has to depend on V while it is working with Model View Controller (MVC).


Pros of using ReactJS

  • Some elements like the login button or captcha are used in every web application. It gets very irritating to write these elements again every time. React allows you to reuse code for these elements and also simplify your debugging process.
  • Its architecture is completely based on components which can be imported easily into the design.
  • React’s indigenous libraries give a better and efficient performance.
  • You can easily get knowledge on API through its super amazing and agile user interface.
  • You can update codes much faster with both front-end and server side support together.
  • JSX or JavaScript extension syntax provides various subcomponents through HTML quoting.
  • Developers can easily develop an isomorphic or universal web application. It also allows an interactive and dynamic server side rendering.
  • You don’t need to hassle about the platform compatibility. It is easily compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Being a view oriented framework, it gives a clear and transparent view of the web application.